Belgium Feeding Children in the Philippines

Belgium Feeding Children in the Philippines
Every year we go to the Philippines to visit my wife's family. The most important event during our yearly holiday is the organization of the Children Feeding Program in Manila during the Christmas season.
If you want to participate in doing something good for these street children and giving them a heartful remembrance of a joyful day, you can do so by donating something to our PayPal account ( Your money goes straight to the children, without any deductions (except for PayPal and bank transfer costs).

We buy food and entertain the children with chants and plays. If we have enough money, we also make sure they have a take-away package, including a backpack with school supplies food (rice etc.).

Our next visit is planned on December, 2021 (due to the Corona virus, we cannot go this year). However, if we have enough funds before December, 2020, we will work together with a local church in the Philippines to organize the Feeding Program this Christmas season.

We post our videos and pictures on our facebook page every year:

Thank you!